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Mentally Overwhelming

That is describes today perfectly. It started in a panic. I woke up wicked late and was out the door in 15 minutes. I took my brother to get the first step to getting his license then we went to … Continue reading

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Handling It

I don’t have 5 things to say today. Between shuffling between hospitals, Mom’s nursing home and my empty apartment, I am not feeling too good. The nurses at Mom’s nursing home asked me today how do I handle having a … Continue reading

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Mom Musings

Dad was sprung from the hospital today. I got a call at about 8 am from him asking if I could come get him at some point then he put the nurse on. We decided that 3:00 pm was a … Continue reading

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Sunday Worries

Sunday nights are always hard. I feel especially lonely on Sundays for some reason. The quiet of the night and the impending doom of the work week take effect. I had a good weekend so far. One mini-binge but I … Continue reading

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Missing Mom

There is the ageless question of why bad things happen to good people. It perplexes me especially when I think of my parents, specifically my Mom. I took Dad to see Mom yesterday. It is always a mood killer seeing … Continue reading

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The past

After a tough week, Friday is finally here. I day dream about Fridays all throughout the week. Monday morning at 8 am, I am thinking about Friday at 5:00 pm.  I think it is what keeps me going. Thank God … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Blues

My least favorite time of the week is Sunday night. The weekend is past. The long work week lies ahead. Why do weekends go by so fast? Dad was moved to rehab yesterday. He is still confused and can barely … Continue reading

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It is down hill from here.

My Dad told me yesterday that one of his doctors thought he had Parkinson’s Disease. He didn’t tell me because he did not want to worry me but tests show he does not have Parkinson’s. Between him and Mom, I … Continue reading

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This weekend has been full of worries. I went to visit Mom on Saturday and she could not remember me. I knew that this day was coming. It has been 8 years in the making. I just did not want … Continue reading

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I took today off to finally finish some errands I needed to do. I didn’t get everything done but at least I got the Christmas food, 90% of the presents and went to visit Dad also. Dad takes a lot … Continue reading

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