BlogHer 2012: Wrapping It Up

Now that it is a few days past BlogHer, I can get to the ugly truth about it. I should have taken a day off or three to recover from BlogHer.

I have slept late every morning since getting back. Now, there is nothing unusual about that, but it is later than normal and I am not hearing my alarms. I used to be such an early bird. I fear I have left those days behind.

I am in this cool video at Samsung but I do not like how I look! I am at about 2:20.  It is wicked cool to be featured.

Some of the other ugliness at the conference:

1. The food – Curried egg salad or shrimp salad sandwiches? Runny eggs? When couldn’t they just have a ham and cheese sandwich. Something that could not go wrong. The best thing I ate during provided during the conference were the McDonald’s cheeseburgers at CheeseburgHer and the macaroni and cheese at the Come as You are Party.

2. Hydration – You had to hoard the water or soda at the meals because there was none available during conference otherwise. There were hydration stations at the 2010 conference but not this one. We want water!

3. The Lobby Bar at the Hilton – The service in that bar was horrible. They forgot my food order one time and it took forever to get the attention of the bartenders. For $23 for a small pizza, I would expect better service. 

I had a great time hanging out with friends, making new ones and meeting with brands and other bloggers. I am debating whether or not I want to go to Chicago next year. I am also thinking about going to the EVO conference. We’ll see.

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6 Responses to BlogHer 2012: Wrapping It Up

  1. It was so awesome literally running into you just about everywhere 🙂 I'm honestly on the fence about next year. Considering Blissdom instead!

  2. Hi Jen, I enjoyed seeing you again at BlogHer. I agree with you about the food and water issue. This was my third BlogHer and my least favorite. I'll probably give them another shot in Chicago and hope they've fixed the issues.I will also be going to Type A Parent (you don't have to be a parent) next Fall.

  3. Great to see you in the video, Jen–that is very cool!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I saw you in the video! Very cool!

  5. Soxy Diamond says:

    I love that you're in the video! How fun 🙂

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