Jen Reads: Trip to the Library

I am reading a lot of books but I have finished none of them.

I picked this up today and I can not wait until I start to read it tonight.

I also got these from the library:

Lets just say I will have a lot of reading for the bus rides to and from New York and for my anxiety breaks.

I got new glasses yesterday. I really like them!


I had a little awakening about photos and me. I don’t normally have a big smile when people take pictures of me. I feel that it just looks fake and feels fake. Well, I look so much better when I smile that I am going to have a big smile, whether or not I feel it is silly or fake.

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2 Responses to Jen Reads: Trip to the Library

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love your glasses!

  2. Love the glasses! They are super cute! And you should just keep smiling big because you are adorable!

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