Introverted and Extroverted

I have this little war going on inside of me. The Introverted Loner side of me, who would very much like to curl up under the covers and never come out and the Extroverted Friendly side, who is happy to actually be doing something, anything.

Lately, I have been Extroverted Friendly to the extreme. I am a busy gal.

When I am more of the Introverted Loner, I do that to the extreme.

Why can’t I have a nice happy medium?

I miss my life, where I did nothing. It was boring and predictable. I wasn’t getting home at 10:30 like to tonight, panicking about posting a blog posting and exhausted.

This week is busy. Dad’s birthday is tomorrow. I am going out Friday night and going to a Superhero Brunch on Sunday. Plus with Blogher next week, I am sort of run down and freaking out that I don’t have a media kit or anything that “real” bloggers are supposed to have.

I have a lot of acquaintances but not a whole lot of people who I would call up to meet for coffee. Even with that, I think I am bothering them and they would not come to meet me.

Gah. It is so complicated. I am exhausted and am going to hit the hay.

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One Response to Introverted and Extroverted

  1. I'm naturally an introvert, so when I'm around people a lot, I tend to get exhausted.You sound busy! I hope you're able to get some down time when you need it.

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