Jen Reads: The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

One of the main reasons I like to read is because I can step into someone else’s story for a while and forget about my problems.  I decided to read the Trylle Trilogy honestly, because I liked the cover and I felt that it would take me away for a bit.

Wendy Everly never quite fit at home. Her mother, in a mental hospital,did not think she was her child and she was just different. Little did she know that she is a changeling and her life would soon by turned upside down. She is in fact a troll and a princess to boot.

She is taken to the troll compound where she meets her mother, the Queen of the Trylle, and teenager she was changed with. She also meets Finn, a handsome young tracker who was charged with bring her back to trolldom.  Finn is a tracker and of a lower class than her. She starts to fall for Finn, but his duty gets in the way.

In torn, in addition to being the daughter of a queen, she finds out her father is the king in a rival troll tribe, the Vitra. She is taken to the Vitra compound where she meets a Vitra prince, Loki. Loki is what Finn is not except that he is part of the enemy. She escapes back to the Trylle but the image of Loki stays with her.

In the final installment, there is a final battle between the Trylle and Vittra. She has to make a choice between Loki and Finn and her time to begin ruling the Trylle is about to start.

I liked the three books with the first book, Switched, being my favorite. The part I didn’t like was the series ending. I agree with her choice but it just seems to be too nicely sewn up and to quickly sewn up. It would be a good beach read. It is quick and a fun young adult series.

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One Response to Jen Reads: The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

  1. I agree with you. Reading is such an escape from the world. One book I always go to when I need an escape is, "She's Come Undone." Thanks for sharing yours! Kristen

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