Can’t Hardly Wait

What a busy couple of days. This morning I woke up with the thought of purging my apartment. I tend to have clumps of bills, random paper, cat fur, stuff that has more dust on it then it possibly should. I got to work. I have 5 bags of paper, magazines, boxes, anything that be recycled to go out on the curb Thursday. I have thrown out two bags worth of stuff and I have the worst half of my apartment yet to go – the bedroom being the worst. I am taking a break to write this post.

I read an article on the awesome Mental Floss site this week, that said The Replacements’ song “Can’t Hardly Wait” is turning 25 years old. Like the author, “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Alex Chilton” are probably two of my favorite songs. The music is great to have blaring in the background while getting rid of everything cleaning.

For an extra smile from me, here is “Alex Chilton”.

I am not sure why you can’t see the videos if you read my posts on Google Reader. Does anyone? I use Windows Live Writer to blog.  So, click over to see the videos.

I have been feeling pretty blah about myself but cleaning is making me feel better. It was one thing that fell behind as I tried to concentrate on another area. Why must when we try to improve in one area, the other areas fall to pieces?

I have been eating regularly as well, which is a plus. I will start to read Phase 2 of Intuitive Eating tonight.

How are you doing?

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2 Responses to Can’t Hardly Wait

  1. krystal lynn says:

    I love purging. Sometimes I throw stuff away because I think it is contaminated and that is not good..but the normal cleaning out the closets and all makes me feel so good afterwards. Personally, I think I would be happier without so much stuff – it weighs me down. Your comment: Why must, when we try to improve in one area, the other areas fall to pieces? Boy, that is the golden question..seems to work that way doesn't it?

  2. I need to do a lot of cleaning out, but I tend to procrastinate. I do feel better when I get it done, though. I don't know why that isn't enough motivation for me.

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