Jen Reads: The Gathering Storm

Since there is no football this time of year. No 1 pm and 4 pm or 8 pm games for a while. My foray into two blogs was hard. I can only concentrate on one blog. I love talking about books and Sundays are a great day to read and talk about books so Sundays are for Jen Reads posts.

Yesterday, I had a migraine and not much motivation to do anything thus it was a good day for me to relax and read. I read A Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges, the 1st book of the Katerina Trilogy.


This book has everything I like. It is set in 1880s Russia, which since reading The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons I have been obsessed with. It has history and folklore, which takes Russian history and Russian folklore and mixes the two. There is mystery, romance and a little bit of humor. I loved it.

The book is the first in three book series and introduces us to Katerina, the Duchess of Oldenburg. She is 16 and has a special talent in necromancy.  She thinks her talent is a curse and does her best to conceal the fact that she can raise the dead. When her secret gets out, she attracts the attention of the heir to the throne of Montenegro, Prince Danilo and wants the attention of the tsar’s son, Grand Duke George Alexandrovich. There are dark forces at work and Katrina does not know whether to work on behalf of Russia or the opposing dark forces.


  • Dariya, Katerina’s cousin and school mate, was probably my favorite character. She provided the comedy in the story.
  • There was no love triangle even though the book jacket hints at it. There is good and bad men and times where she overlooks the bad  but they were not fighting with each other.
  • I loved the images of the balls that she went to. The whole concept is foreign to me. I was never a princess girl growing up but they totally intrigued me.
  • Katerina was not your typical Duchess. She wanted to go to medical school and not become a queen.


  • I was totally confused about the titles. There seemed to be 2 Russian empresses. There were lots of Dukes, Counts, Grand Dukes. Some dukes were higher than others. She also talked about being a Princess, but she was not the daughter of a king/queen.
  • Katerina was a bit modern but not too modern.
  • Katerina’s mother was over the top.

The second book in the trilogy, The Unfailing Light, is due out in October and I look forward to it. Robin Powers is a new author that I look forward to reading.

I hope to do this every (or almost every Sunday).  Two blogs was just too hard for me. It felt forced but I miss talking about books so I am bringing books back to Losing the Shadow. It is about me and reading is a life long love. I hope to infuse more of my personality and stuff I love in this book. Reading is fundamental! (Anyone remember that?)

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One Response to Jen Reads: The Gathering Storm

  1. krystal lynn says:

    Yes! I love books and look forward to your book reviews.

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