Portland Travels

My vacation is almost over and I am writing this from Portland airport in Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow, I return to reality and Monday it is back to work for me. I took lots and lots of pictures so I will start from the beginning.


The first few days of the tour were very active for me. I hiked all over the place.


I saw lots of awesome nature in Washington and Oregon. It was so exhilarating to be there in nature and see how immense things were.


While there are mountains in New England, there is nothing like this:

mt hood up close

The mountains and this mountain, Mt. Hood, were visible wherever you were. I could look up and see them and smile.


On this trip, I had lots of time for self-reflection and at this point during the trip, I was feeling ok. I sometimes can’t believe that I travel alone. I surprise myself and at that point, I was really happy and enjoying the Portland area. I went down the Columbia River Gorge and saw lots of awesome scenery that really humbled me.  I am just a small spot compared to places like Mt. Hood.



I met a friend of mine that I have known of the computer for years for dinner last Sunday night. We ate at Beaches in Vancouver, WA, where my hotel was. It was great to meet someone I have “known” for a long time. We sat outside for dinner and this was the view.


That is a freaky looking doll, with a plastic seagull, basketball hop and a telephone to call in your order. The doll itself was a tad bit freaky.  Out side of this view, we could see this:


I liked Portland and Vancouver, where I said. Enough to move there, I don’t know.

Boise tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Portland Travels

  1. This is so beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Weather like you had can be perfect sometimes for lots of lounging and reading a good book. Yummy! 🙂

  2. Wow! Your pictures are amazing! We have barely anything even close to that here in the UK. Certainly nothing like the mountains! You make me want to visit the US even more 🙂 Jen x

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