Excellent Saturday

It was a crappy weekend, weather wise, in Boston. One for staying in and drinking., which is exactly what I did. Yesterday, I went to a Fireside Chat wine tasting at The Fireplace in Brookline, MA.


We tasted 5 different sauvignon blancs which ranged from sweet to dry.


The first, Mirassou Sauvignon Blanc was the sweetest and my favorite. I am partial to sweet wine. We also tasted Frei Brothers Sauvignon Blanc, Murphy Goode Fume Blanc (my second favorite), Groth Sauvignon Blanc and Caego Estate Sauvignon Blanc. All are California wines.



The Fireplace is a nice cozy place and perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon. They put a tasting of wine or drinks about once a month and I have been to a few. For $25 with wine and food pairing, there was no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

We went shopping after and of course, I could not resist buy a few things but I did not take a picture in the dressing room. The wine must have gone to to my head. I bought this dress by Kate Hill at Lord&Taylor in a smaller size:


To top out the great day, we finished at Towne in Boston with a sangria and some spinach and crab dip. Yum!


I loved this little robot guy at the bar:


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