Calm My Crazy: Long Holiday Weekends

According To Denise

I met Denise from According to Denise at Bloggy Boot Camp last weekend. Since I post my Friday Happiness posts almost every Friday, I thought I would join this weekly meme and continue on with the tradition since my happiness does bring me calming vibes and I am much better when I am happy. Aren’t we all though?

Today I have a few things that make me happy. Here in the States, it is a long holiday weekend. Memorial Day is Monday. What is better then a 3 day weekend that signifies the start of summer?


I don’t have many plans this weekend besides barre class tomorrow morning, a little cleaning and perhaps some shopping. I hope everyone takes a moment out to think about why we have the day off. I hope if you are here in the States, that you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Earlier today I stumbled upon this video on YouTube. I will let you view it before I comment.

I will never think of Photoshop the same way but I love love the message. Based on this post about my slight magazine addiction,  the photos we see in the magazines aren’t real. I need to watch this Fotoshop commercial at least once a day to get the message through my head.

Finally, while at dinner with the girls at the local restaurant, Abby Park, on Monday night, I had my tarot cards read. To say I was a skeptic was understating it. The only other time I had it done they said that Mom would recover. Enough said there. I went in with a big sense of skepticism.

After stating that I am a Scorpio, she told me that I am looking to make a huge life change and that I should do it. It will also happen sooner rather than later. I am thinking that Denver is possibly in my future and I will know in a few weeks. I am ready to make a change. Maybe I will meet an Idaho boy in Idaho or a Portland hunk in 2 weeks. Who knows?

It is something I take with a grain of salt but I need a change and the first step is doing my resume this weekend.

I do want to get my palm read since I have been wicked curious about it for a long time.

Have a great happy weekend everyone!

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3 Responses to Calm My Crazy: Long Holiday Weekends

  1. Denise says:

    Great video to remind us that no one is the perfect image we see on magazines. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sarah G says:

    How was Abby Park!? I was just thinking about that place today, wondering if I should go and check it out.

  3. Jen, That is a great video. It is hard to remember that those great looking people in the mags are Photoshopped. They're regular people, just like us. Now, I would not mind having one thing on me Fotoshopped, and I don't think it would be giving in to society's ideas of beauty. I'd like to have my teeth Fotoshopped. That would save a lot of money! LOL

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