Hard Work Pays Out

I am like this little duck that is part of the Make Way For Ducklings statues in the Boston Garden. I am walking along.


I took a class tonight at Life in Synergy. When I was putting my shoes on at the end of the class, the instructor came up to me and said, β€œHave you lost weight? You are looking great. Your butt is looking great.” I can’t tell you how that made my day. I have been working out more. I have been taking care of myself and for once, I took a compliment and said thank you. It just made my day.

Did you have anything good happen today?

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7 Responses to Hard Work Pays Out

  1. A great compliment! And congrats to you for simply saying "thank you," just accepting the compliment.

  2. Angela says:

    That's awesome Jen! I'm sure you have a little extra bounce in your step now and that's a great boost to your self-esteem.

  3. Maren says:

    Wow, way to make your day! That is a great compliment! πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  4. 71 & Sunny says:

    Great work! I'm sure you've been working very hard at exercising. Good for you. : ) That's so great that you have been taking care of yourself. You are worth it! And awesome job just taking the compliment.I did have a good day, thanks for asking. The place where I get my hair done was having a grand re-opening today. They were giving out really nice gift bags to the first 50 people who showed up, and I was one of them! So fun.

  5. Nic Evennett says:

    Woo-hoo! πŸ™‚ P

  6. I've seen that duck! I was in Boston in about 1997 and loved what I saw of the city.Congratulations on the compliment! I'm glad it made you feel good.

  7. It is always a good day when someone else notices your progress! πŸ™‚

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