Search Word Bingo

It is time for another edition of “How Did You Find My Blog”.  Sometimes how people find my blog on the internet just makes me sad or I am like what?

1. People With Moles Live Longer – I don’t know about that. How does one figure that out? Is there some sort of database of moly people, like myself?

2.  Freckled Skin Is So Ugly – Well searcher, I don’t agree with you. I kind of like my freckles.

3. Green Eyed People Traits – Such as?

4. Do I Deserve Happiness?  – I say yes but I have hard thinking that I do.

5. Where To Buy Cool Toilet Paper?  Cool toilet paper? Is there such a thing? Should there be such a thing?

I am feeling pretty blah tonight. I saw an email from my boss that makes me think I will be in trouble tomorrow. Oh well. I will just expect the worst.  I am getting a cold I think as well. My ear has been bothering me and my throat has been somewhat sore.

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1 Response to Search Word Bingo

  1. Search terms are so much fun to look at. I like wondering why the heck people are searching for some things.I hope you didn't get into too much trouble at work. That's never any fun!

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