Yes, CrossFit

Am I crazy? I think I am going to try CrossFit. Maybe something got in my brain to send the email to them to get in their CrossFit 101 class. I wonder what I am getting myself into. This fat girl is going to CrossFit or at least try it.

Maybe something got into this mind of mine. I was feeling wicked ugly today. I am not going to lie. I took a class at Life in Synergy and kept looking at my big self doing the moves in the mirror and frowned. I was doing the class though.

On Facebook yesterday a friend had posted this parody of Fun’s song “We Were Young.” I thought that it was funny then I realized how true it was.

I especially like the “start a blog” part. Considering I am somewhere in my 30s (far to close to 40) and this blog was started after I was 33. It’s talking to me but I actually have been blogging, even if no one read, so boo to them. 

The parody was funny yet sad because, at least in this 30 something’s life, it is far to true.


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2 Responses to Yes, CrossFit

  1. Sarah says:

    Take your fat girls self to cross fit:) Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Sarah G says:

    I've heard really great things about Cross fit from people in all kinds of shape, I think you should give it a shot! Do you read He started Crossfit recently and has been blogging about his experiences with it, you shuld check it out.

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