PB&J Love

Peanut butter and jelly is like the ultimate comfort food mixture for me. I decided to have a PB&J sandwich for dinner with milk and I liked it.

I know, I should not equate food with comfort but I was feeling low and after an errand to get cat food, I did not want to cook. Oddly, it stopped my brain from dwelling on the unlovable thoughts that plagued it on the way home.

I was going to post my goals for the spring but I will get that tomorrow. I just wanted to dwell on the good that the PB&J sandwich did for me tonight.


I noticed tonight that I have posted 720 blog posts which sort of amazes me. 720? Wow!



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3 Responses to PB&J Love

  1. Yum–I love PB&J, but especially just PB. I have loved it since I was a small child. It brings me comfort, too. I don't think that's an unhealthy way to think of comfort food. 720–that is a lot! I will take me a long time to get that far! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I'm getting ready to have a PB& J for lunch now.I think many people equate food with comfort more often than not.

  3. I love PB&J. I think I need to stop and pick up some peanut butter on the way home…

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