Friday Happiness: A Good Day

Tonight, instead of going home and sitting in my empty apartment, I decided to take a Long Lean Legs class at Life in Synergy. I loved it.

When I take care of myself, I feel better. I am not talking just about losing weight or eating healthy, I am talking about truly taking care of yourself. A day where I don’t dwell on the negative. A day where I care about what happens to me.

That makes me happy.

Tomorrow I am attending Blog Better Boston. If you are going and see me, say hi!

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5 Responses to Friday Happiness: A Good Day

  1. I'm really glad you feel better today. You are doing good things for yourself! I hope you enjoy the conference!

  2. BlackRabbit says:

    That's really good advice. So many times we neglect taking care of ourself. Maybe that's been my problem all along.Tomorrow may be an excellent day for a walk in the park! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This post makes me smile and feel inspired all at the same time!

  4. Sarah says:

    Doing things to look after yourself sounds like such a simple thing to do. It's sometimes hard though. The rewards are tremendous though, for your body and soul.Take carexx

  5. I love this. It really does help to do something good for ourselves.

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