Not too Wordy Wednesday

A friend I met through blogging, had some awesome quotes for Wordless Wednesday that I loved and need to take to heart.

This needs to stick with me:

Then I need to paste this one everywhere:


At work today, I needed music so I brought in my iTouch and listened while it charged. This was the first song that came on shuffle was this:

Was my iTouch trying to tell me something?

I don’t feel quite a hopeless as yesterday. It is a start!

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6 Responses to Not too Wordy Wednesday

  1. Jennifer, these are awesome. My favorite is the third about the soul knowing how to heal itself. Are you on Pinterest? There's a lot of inspiration over there. I hope you're doing well and enjoying this unusually fabulous weather we've been having here. *big hug*

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the facebook picture. Wish you could truly see yourself. You don't want to look back and realize you haven't enjoyed the wonderful pieces of life and who you are. Enjoy and appreciate yourself.

  3. 71º & Sunny says:

    Oh, I LOVE that first quote by Steven Furtick. There is so much truth to that. I have had people insinuate to me that I have it all, how could I ever have any problems? All the while I felt like I was dying inside because of the OCD and depression. I guess you just never know what's going on in someone's private life. Thanks for the quote. A great reminder.

  4. Jen, I love that quote by Steven Furtick, too. A good reminder.I am glad that today was better than yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing the quotes and the music!

  5. Those are some really great messages. Things I need to remember too.

  6. Hi Jen,I love the Liz Phair song, thanks for bringing it to my intention. I have been poking around your blog for a while and I am excited to pursue it further. You have a way with words.Best,-S.

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