Review: The Iron Daughter

I am 38 years old. Yes, I really liked The Iron Daughter, the 2nd book in The Iron Fey Series.

Meghan Chase, the half human and half faery teenager, is still in NeverNever with Puck, Grimalkin, the icy Prince Ash and my personal favorite, Ironhorse.

The book starts off with Meghan in the Unseelie Court and sort of abandoned and treated horribly by the icy Ash. Instead of getting mad at Ash, she gets weepy. Ash does come back to rescue Meghan after she witnesses a theft.

After she get away, they meet up with Puck and the charming Grimalkin, the cat. What saved this book from wallowing in Meghan’s Ash problem, was Ironhorse. This brash Iron Fey is the fey!

With Ironhorse back, I was sucked in. The team fights their way through battles. Meghan has internal Ash battles. The problem might be solved but might not be either.

I am ready to read the third book, The Iron Queen.

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