Lazy Monday

Today lived up to my expectation. I lounged around until 2. I woke up with the migraine still there. I am totally happy that today is a holiday because I needed it.

I did take a shower and go out to get dish soap so they day was not all full of nothingness.

Sometimes you just need a nothingness day. I have a busy couple of weeks culminating in one crazy weekend at the end of the month that involves Chicago, a wedding party in New Hampshire and a brunch for the food bank. I may need a vacation after that.

 My Friskyscope this week is intriguing:

Hold off on making any long-terms plans now, as this week life will start to shift in a way that can throw you for a loop. Not to say it’ll be bad, but things you experience now can give you a different point of view, making you see that the options you once thought were not so good might be way more appealing that suspected.

I could totally use a loop. I have been feeling rather stuck and I need to break out.

Tonight, I am going to relax and watch Alcatraz. I know, a LOST fan, that they hype around this new show is crazy but I was such a fan of Hurley on LOST that I must watch. Though I am reluctant to get into another LOST like program but I will.  It is a 2 hour premiere tonight and the couch is calling.

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