Review: Shutter Island






I saw the movie long before I read this so I knew as much as one could about from the movie but this has been on my reading list for so long and I am fascinated by the topic.

You may or may not know I blog about my battle with depression. I have talked about my great grandfather being in Mattapan State Hospital in the 1950s. It just hit home a little.

When I saw the movie was was fascinated. I wanted to talk about this movie. Finally, I read the book and now I can talk about the book as well.

If you saw the movie, the movie was very much in line with the book.

Teddy Daniels is a federal US Marshall who is sent to Shutter Island with his partner, Chuck Aule, to investigate the disappearance of a mental patient, Rachel Solando. Daniels is a World War II vet with a wife that was killed. Daniels thinks there might be strange tests going on on the island.

As they investigate, they discover that things don’t quite add up. The weather is a big character in the book.

I wish I had not seen the movie before reading the book. Normally, the book and the movie are somewhat different. This was not the case with this book and movie. I would have liked to have read the book with a clear mind.

I think about if something like the book discusses actually happened. This is a thought provoking thriller. I recommend it especially if you have not see the movie.

What did you think of either the movie or the book?

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One Response to Review: Shutter Island

  1. Jane says:

    I've seen this movie twice (first time on the big screen) and thought it was fantastic! My maternal grandmother was also in a hospital off and on over her life for depression and possibly bi-polar issues, I know they did shock treatments on her. These wards were very scary places and the doctors didn't have a clue on how to treat the poor souls who ended up there. I know what you mean – I have often wished I'd read the book first before seeing a movie – one good example was The DaVinci Code – I tried to read it, but couldn't get Tom Hanks voice out of my head!

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