Friday Happiness: Sports


The playoffs begin this weekend. Everyone is a buzz about who is going to win the Wild Card games this weekend.

I can watch some nice relaxing football because my team, the Patriots, have a bye week. There will be no nervously hiding in the pillow, biting my nails, closing my eyes, praying, generally nervous nausea over Patriot’s playoff games this week. I can sit back and watch my favorite sport and while I have preferences, not really care who wins.

Plus, the Bruins are on a tear this week. They beat the New Jersey Devils 6-1 and then beat the Calgary Flames 9-0. It is a repeat of the final against Vancouver tomorrow night. I will also be tuning into the game.

If you watch football, would would you like to see in the Super Bowl? I think you know my answer Smile

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One Response to Friday Happiness: Sports

  1. Minxy says:

    Anybody but the Cowboys!

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