New Year’s Eve 2012

I had one of the best New Year’s Eves I have had in a while.

For the first time, I went to some of the First Night Boston events. I have lived in Boston for 95% of my life and I have never been. Well, I can cross that off of my list now. I even made a new friend, which is always welcome.



This was my favorite event of the whole day. These kids were great and they played holiday music. I was very impressed.


I took lots more pictures and even a video on my phone but my phone is reluctant to upload the video. I was so excited about it. An actual video! to post! Tomorrow I will figure it out.

How was your New Years?

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4 Responses to New Year’s Eve 2012

  1. Maggie says:

    My New Year? Chilly, rainy, quiet movie time with the kids, but awesome all the same. Your celebrations look fun..and a new friend is always a bonus! Happy New Year!

  2. Minxy says:

    Glad you had a great new years! I went to bed at 9pm, which was awesome for me!!! Can't wait to see that VIDEO! :o)

  3. Looks like great fun! I spent my New Year's making tamales. Had a hankering for home cooking! : D

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