One more day until the long weekend.

Guess what, since I have been talking a lot about books and reading here, I decided that I needed a separate place to write about it. All of my reading life will be at Jen Reads and I will be fixing it up over the weekend. It is one of my goals for the new year that I will be talking about.

I am somewhat optimistic (yes, me pessimistic Jen) for 2012. I think some good things will come my way.

I have been feeling better since Christmas. The malaise of Christmas has passed for now. Here’s to hoping my optimistic mindset lasts!

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One Response to Optimism

  1. Sarah says:

    Sometimes I wish optimism could be bottled! I hope yours lasts well into the new year.I think 2012 will be special for lots of people. I'll be reading about your reading:)

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