5 Things: In A Different Time….

I have always suffered from the grass is green elsewhere syndrome. If only I lived there, or if only I‘d been born 100 years ago. I love history. I love reading historical fiction. I have been on quite a medieval reading kick lately.


(All from Goodreads)

Yes, there were Knights in White Satin (Mom’s favorite song) and chivalry with fair maidens and the like but really, would I have wanted to live in those time. I think not and here is why:

1. No Coffee!

Coffee had not been “discovered” since it is not mentioned in any of the books I have read. All they seem to drink is beer and wine. Where is the caffeine? Were they drunk all the time?

I know they would not have missed coffee since it was not yet around but my modern mind, no coffee = no Jen.

2. The Plague

I know it is still around today, but the thought that something could kill so many people so quickly scares me. Would I have survived period?

Today’s medicine has its problems, but really, we are lucky.

3. Spinster? Great-grandmother?

Girls where married at 13 or 14. I can’t imagine being married at 13 or 14 but it certainly was common. Being that I am 37 (relishing my last few days of being 37), I would either be a total spinster or possibly a nun if I remained unmarried like that or a great-grandmother by 37!

4. City Life

It wasn’t easy. Cities were filthy. We take for granted the luxuries that are around today. I watched one episode of Filthy Cities about London and was very happy, that Boston, while it may be a bit nasty in some areas (Downtown Crossing is one), it is no comparison.

I am a city gal but not THAT sort of city gal. I’d rather be in the country, which had its problems as well.

5. I would not be able to write this.

I am just a blue collar, lower middle class gal from a little depressing town south of Boston. A bus driver and a dishwasher’s daughter. Education was my way out. College was supposed to be a step up (that is a different discussion) but would a dishwasher’s daughter go to school then? Most likely not.

My grandmother in pre-World War II Italy, only went to school till the 3rd grade then worked on the farm. I think then I would definitely would not be able read not write had I lived 1,000 years ago.

That does not mean I wonder about my ancestors and that maybe if time travel was possible, I might want to go back for a little bit, but I am 21st century gal. I am not sure I would want to trade places with my grandmothers, one a Boston socialite and one an Italian farm gal.

Sometimes my depressed brain needs to be told it isn’t so bad.

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2 Responses to 5 Things: In A Different Time….

  1. Michelle says:

    I've considered from time to time what it would be like to live in the past and, like you, my list of cons far outweighs my list of pros LOL!The 2 top cons are 1. No plumbing and 2. No electricity – no hair dryer? Egads!

  2. Jenna says:

    i love historical fiction, too, and often wonder how successful I might have been at living in those different time periods. Mostly Id rather be here now, but the visiting would be awesome!

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