Where I Am From (really)

How did I get to have red hair, pale skin, green eyes and freckles if my Mother’s family are dark Southern Italians? I don’t look like my Mom. That is how.

There was once a car full of teen age girls driving down a road somewhere in Brighton, MA in about 1967. The driver saw a guy walking along the side of the road and knew him. She pulled over and asked if needed a ride. The only room in the car was in the back seat so he climbed in next to Rita (future Mom).

Rita was not impressed. In fact, he was very drunk and she was worried that he would throw up on her. Luckily, that never happened because that drunk guy was my Dad.

First generation Italian-American married Irish-American mutt in 1971.

My father’s family started to make their way here between 1810 and 1870ish from Longford, Leitrim, Donegal Ireland and Scotland. They came to Boston and stayed. We are still all here, as far as I know. Out side of my immediate family, there aren’t too many of us left that I am aware of.

Do you know where your family is from?

What we did not know that that made their journey to Ireland from somewhere else.  Dad is a genealogist. So much so that he participated in DNA genealogy.  He swabbed his mouth, my mouth, my brother’s mouth and probably a few others and off they went.

A few surprises came from the DNA stuff.  First off, that Dad really is my Dad (not that there was any question about that) and that the origin of that began in Africa, which for pale skinned people like me, would NOT be good. No wonder we moved along.

One thing, my maternal grandparents are from San Donato Val di Comino in Frosinone. It is roughly between Rome and Naples. If you are World War II history buff, it is very close to where Monte Cassino was fought. My grandmother was living there at the time.  Someday soon I will get there.

I have the urge to explore the world. If not the world, then my whole country and see every state, which I have not seen very many.

That is my where I am from ramblings. My mood has been a bit blah. Maybe it is getting cold, at least here in Boston and it has been cloudy and rainy. It just affects me. How is the weather where you are?

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One Response to Where I Am From (really)

  1. Raine says:

    Thats really interesting. Id love to find out where my family is originally from

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