5 Things: More Random Jen-ness.

So, I walking from Central Square T station to Union Square Somerville, for the fluff festival, when one of our awesome area sidewalks struck with abandon. Down I went, totally unaware. Landing on my knee and hands, I hit the bumpy concrete. My good pair of jeans now have a small hole in them and my knee, while scraped a bit,  is a fine shade of purple. Sometimes a bag of unused frozen peas in the freezer comes in handy. That is what I was doing last night. I had a date with a bag of peas.

Fluff, you may or may not be aware, is a staple of childhood in New England. Or at least, it was of mine. Peanut butter and fluff aka Fluffernutter is the ultimate comfort food, even more comforting then the cousin, peanut butter and jelly. Hot chocolate with fluff on top. Fluff with jelly. Fluff alone. It brings back happy childhood memories.

I am going to disappoint some of you that I did not take pictures. The festival itself was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting more fluff walking. Actually, what I was expecting, I don’t know but a hurt knee took away a lot of the excitement as I hobbled around.

So today, I am just resting. Leg up. Pumpkin beer. Rome on DVD. The Patriot’s game.

So a belated 5 Things post is order.

You might or might not be aware of these 5 things about me:

1. I was attacked by a dog at age 9.

We had a dog and he had gotten into toilet paper and it was strewn all over the house. We had just gotten home from getting ice cream when I got into the house first to see the toilet paper. To save the dog from the wrath of my father, I had gathered up the toilet paper and it ended under my bed. I stuck my head under the bed, when the dog’s paw went across my face.

I have over 100 stitches in my face and any closer to my left eye and I would have been blind in one eye. Luckily, whom ever the plastic surgeon was that night, did WONDERS on my face. You really have to be close to see scars now.

My mother thought I would be afraid of my face and of dogs but neither of those things happened.

2. I love tuna fish with apples.

This is another thing from my childhood. Mom would cut up an apple and add it to tuna salad to make the can of tuna go further. I love it. Sometimes, apples find their way into my tuna fish to this day.

3. I love football but sometimes when I watch games that for me count, any Patriot’s game. I am afraid if I watch, they will lose.

I get so nervous and anxious. I hide my head under the pillow. Ever since I was little, I was always afraid after if I watched, they would lose. It has never gone away. I get all knotted in my stomach.

4. I still have my teddy bear from when I was a little girl tucked away in my bedroom.

You can’t see him but he is there. It makes me smile.

5. I do still have a little bit of hope. Just a little.

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One Response to 5 Things: More Random Jen-ness.

  1. I love tuna with apples too!xo

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