Jen’s News Edition

A couple of news stories caught my attention this week.

No one wants redheaded babies? How can that be?

Did you hear the news that Cryos, the world’s largest sperm bank, has said enough to red headed sperm donors?

Being a red head, I find it a little bit disturbing. Is it so bad to have a red headed child if you are blond?

We red heads have a bad reputation. Most of it not deserved.

Redheaded stepchild – A child who is obviously not your own, a child who is treated worse than other children in the family per the Urban Dictionary.

Temper? Me. No. Ok maybe, but not because of my red hair.  I come from a family of intense debaters and every now and then, against my internal control, a little snippet of that side comes through. It is not only me that has this trait in my family. Blond not so secret sister and brown hair brother both are prone to this as well.

And you know what, just because you are blond does not mean you won’t have a red headed child.

There should be more of us pale freckled people out there.

Another news story that really got my goat this week was Pat Robinson saying that it is ok to leave and divorce your spouse if your spouse has Alzheimer’s. I told my Dad about it and he said that he could see a lot of people agreeing with that opinion.

That bothers me as well. I know it is hard but what happened to “in sickness and health”? Ditch a person when they need you most. If you loved them, I don’t see how you could abandon someone like that.

I am not married and maybe I never will be, but I would not want someone abandoning me if I got sick in the future.

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