5 Things: Feel Good Movies

Sometimes I look at the computer as a good time waster. It lets me see a world that I may or may not ever see. Sometimes I look at it as an oppressor. Something to avoid at all costs. This weekend, it tipped to the oppressor side. I was busy and I just could not turn the computer on when I got home. I needed a day away I guess.

I have been avoiding the news and the stories of 9/11 on this 10th anniversary. They are everywhere. Ten years ago, I was a 27 year old working for a computer company that made networking parts and that day I was covering the switchboard for the receptionist at the doctors.

Now I am a 37 looking back at the last 10 years and thinking that it could not be 10 years already. How did it go by so fast?

I am going to put a happy note on my 5 Things post because I need it.

These are movies I love for one reason or another.

1. The Station Agent

It is a little independent movie about a man who moves to rural New Jersey to get away from people but can’t. It stars Peter Dinklage and Bobby Cannavale.

2. Secondhand Lions

Another quirky cool movie that I like.  A young boy goes to live with relatives and I would love to have his relatives. Yes, there is a lion.


Six foot three inch invisible rabbit? Why not!

4. Dear Frankie

I love this movie. Besides having quite possibly the sexiest man alive in it, it is a good story about a mother and her son.

5. Miracle at Morgan’s Creek

This one was so ahead of its time. It is about a woman who has a little too much fun with some soldiers and wakes up married and can’t remember to whom and then the fun begins. This movie was made in 1944.

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3 Responses to 5 Things: Feel Good Movies

  1. Jen says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Raine says:

    secondhand lions is one of my fave movies!!

  3. I'd like to add "Newsies" to this list. 🙂

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