Family Skeletons

Sometime in the mid-1950’s, my great grandfather possibly spent time in this building.

Or maybe he was in this bed.

He was in the hospital for what the family said was a stroke. We think that my mother took after him and that most likely he was there not because of a stroke. You did not go to places like Boston State Hospital for strokes.

We will never really know because when we were thinking about getting the records from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Mom did not want all of the heirs to his will finding out (because the executor of the will, my grandfather, was dead.) We dropped it.

When I see shows about this places and what when on there, it breaks my heart. My relative was in one. As they make these former hospitals and their grounds into fancy apartments, you could not pay me enough money to live in one of them.

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One Response to Family Skeletons

  1. Sheila Herd says:

    The irony is amazing, near where I live in Suffolk, UK there is a private girls school that used to be a workhouse (where paupers ended up in Victorian times, they were awful places to live and nobody wanted to end up in a workhouse, the stigma and shame was awful).Loving your blog.

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