No Shaking Going On

Did you hear? I guess there was an earthquake in Virginia and you could feel it here in Boston. Unfortunately, we did not feel it at work. It just enhanced our conversation a bit for a while.

I am off tomorrow to take Dad to a cardiology appointment. Something has not been right with him but when I talked to him tonight, he sounded normal and alive. Over the past week or so, he has not sounded like himself. He sounded frail and sick. I hope tomorrow appointment accomplishes something. I have to go see Mom tomorrow as well sometime and get my car’s oil changed. It is going to be busy day for sure.

I have had a headache again today. I think it was brought on by my dental cleaning this morning. It just has been wearing away at me all day. So between having abdomen pains and feeling like someone kicked me in the stomach and a headache, I am tired. I am going to have some ice cream and read after this.

If you have a minute, if you could fill out this quiz on what you would like to see on my blog, I would appreciate it. I am working with WEGO Health to improve things.

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