Cuckoo birds, zombies and OJ

The Sunday night blahs have taken over. Why does Sunday night inspire such dread? This week I am only working Monday and Tuesday, then I am off to San Diego for Blogher. That is a relief.

This weekend was quiet and what I needed. I learned a few useful facts this weekend:

1. Roadrunners are cuckoo birds and kill rattlesnakes.

2. After watching Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo last night, I am convinced I would last 1 second with the zombie apocalypse and Boots will be a tasty snack for them.

3. Orange juice is mainly bland orange juice with artificial flavors except for a few months of the year.

All this makes me want to recruit a couple of roadrunners for my team and have then on the lookout for zombies while I hid under the bed crying over orange juice.

How was your weekend?

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