Is It For Me?

I went tonight not really knowing what to expect. The room was crowded with people like me. I nervously fidgeted while I was waiting.

I listened while they explained the three type of surgeries they offer at the hospital – the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and the lap band. The procedures and the possible side effects.

I was by far more interested in the lap band then gastric bypass. The meeting really cemented that idea. I don’t want to rearrange my organs, never have a tiny piece of cake or glass of wine again and it just plain scared me.

They had patients come up and talk about it but they were all gastric bypass patients that talked about how their life was so much better now etc. That’s great but I know from experience that magic of weight loss is not going to make my life awesome and fix all my problems.

They mentioned binge eating and how it is a big no-no and I asked if being in treatment for binge eating disorder was a disqualifier. It was not, though my support group might differ. They said how depression would get better, well now that I am treating why I felt worse when I was at my smallest, maybe that would be true.

I wish they had some lap band patients come up to talk. I would have liked to hear about their ups and downs. Have you had the lap band? What do you think?

For now, I lost the most weight and was the healthiest and happiest when I followed CORE on Weight Watchers. I am positive I have the old program books somewhere in my apartment. I am going to follow the CORE plan as much as I can. I am not going to step on the scale.

If I lose weight, great. If not, I really just want to be healthy. Inside and out. Is that too much to ask of myself?

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2 Responses to Is It For Me?

  1. I have a relative who had the lap band surgery. She lost a significant amount of weight but much less than she would like to overall. It is very tough in some ways. You have to eat really slowly (and keep that in mind in planning), you cannot eat certain foods at all and you vomit often after meals. I don't know anyone personally who had gastric bypass, but I guess you got the idea from the patients…Hope I was helpful a bit.

  2. Sarah G says:

    Can you ask the hospital/doctor you would be considering for past patients that you could speak with? I would imagine they probably have some folks who are willing to discuss their experiences with the lap band but maybe just weren't able to attend the session last night.

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