5 Things: What I Have Been Up To

What has been up with me?

I have been busy.

1. 2 trips with Dad to MGH

The first was for an ultrasound of his kidney, where they think might be the cause of some of his issues. The second to see if he would qualify for the Watchman clinical trials.  The Watchman is a closure that goes over the left atrial appendage of your heart.  That is where clots from afibrillation, which Dad has,  usually originate from.

Unfortunately, you have to get on Coumadin before being in this trial and Dad does not respond well to Coumadin. It does not thin his blood properly, plus with his hemorrhage, it could kill him. He is not a good candidate for the trial but when it gets through the safety trials and the FDA approves it for use, then maybe it would be good for him.

2. Following the #Blogher11 Twitter tag

It could be a full time job.  Parties, events, meet-ups….Really, it feels like high school all over again.

Am I cool enough? Probably not.

If it wasn’t for this constant stalking, would I get any invites to anything? Only the Clever Girls Collective “I’m With the Brand” party since I am a member.

Does it make me feel left out? A little. I won’t lie. Will I let it effect me? Hell no.

I get into San Diego at 1:33 pm on Wednesday. I CAN’T WAIT.

3. Obsessing over Jump Rope by Blue October.

Check it out.

4. More Shopping

I love these jeans from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans on sale at Nordstrom.


A little bling on the other pair I bought.


Two tops that were a great price.




I also went to Kohl’s where I got this:


And Target where I got a black shirt with a little lace on it.


I should have photographed myself in the dressing room rather than on my bed in between Boots getting on the clothes and getting kicked off.

5. Worrying Over Mom

She has been put on Seroquel from Abilify. This medicine also has a dementia patients taking Seroquel warning. Fabulous. I am going to see her tomorrow.

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