When A 33 Year OId Acts 13…

Another day, another person is mad at me. It is getting to be commonplace. Am I still a teenager? Did I go back in time?

Secret Sister will not talk to me. This all happened at trivia last week. I asked her not to go on and on about Mom or Dad. I wanted a night free of depressing talk. She got mad. I then listened to how she thought she was stupid, dumb and sucky at trivia.

It went on all night. I told her she should be kinder to herself. She said I called her stupid. Ugh.

Really, she won’t return my calls. I saw her tonight when I went to get a sandwich for dinner and I went up to her and asked if she was ever going to talk to me again. She said, “You called me stupid.” I did not. She went back to eating and ignoring me.

I spend all this energy trying to keep my family together and I can’t do it anymore. Fine don’t talk to me ever again. I am tired of it.

Is she not 33 years old? She’s acting 13.

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One Response to When A 33 Year OId Acts 13…

  1. Her problem is not with you.

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