I miss taking the T.

Today, I took the T to work for the first time in weeks. Waking up late has had me in a panic and I tend to drive into work (yes, I get free downtown Boston parking) but I really missed taking the T. Why you ask?

  • Reading time was cut in half. My subway time was reading time. It relaxed me.
  • Yes, it relaxed me. It is probably my gruff Boston ways.
  • I can’t write about the absolutely crazy things I see on the T.
  • I can spend less in gas. I heard on the news that gas has gone up $0.06 and I would rather not spend it.
  • I can walk the 2 blocks to Quincy Center Station. I miss walking.

I haven’t been walking or working out lately. My calves were really tight when I was walking. I miss walking. I actually went for a walk to the farmer’s market today at lunch. The sun felt good.

I will wake up earlier to not drive in.

I think I might bring workout clothes to work and walk on the Esplanade after work before heading home.

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2 Responses to I miss taking the T.

  1. Sarah G says:

    Taking the T relaxes me, too! I always talk about how it's my "buffer time" between work and the rest of my life – time to decompress while I read and/or listen to music.

  2. Jen, I wish my work was T-accessible. Like you, I'd spend every minute of it reading. Enjoying the walking. That's when I get most of my ideas. : D

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