5 Things: Happy Birthday Boots!

As America celebrates its 235th birthday, Boots celebrates his 4th birthday. I thought I would spotlight Boots today. I got Boots when he was 3 months old.  He is my buddy, a support and while he is not a human, it is good to have him meet me at the door each day when I get home to my empty apartment and someone to direct my talking to.

1. Boots as a baby. He is in the middle.


2. He keeps my thigh warm on cold days.

Boots on thigh

3. He is sometimes caught in compromising positions.


4. He looks great in the Asymmetrical shots on my FX camera app on my Droid. With 2 Boots, life would be awesome.

boot x 2

5. He has great personality.


My buddy.


I am feeling sort of down tonight. I have been alone all day and that is a recipe for feeling lonely. I went to breakfast with Not So Secret Sister and other than that, I haven’t done much. I was feeling patient so I spend a good portion of the afternoon unraveling a skein of yarn that was mangled, until Boots took an interest.

I don’t have any plans for the 4th. I sort of wish someone I knew was having a cookout or another sort of party. I may just get out and explore. I don’t want another day of being alone.

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