So Sensitive

I have been thinking about what I wrote yesterday.

Too many times external people have somehow wormed their way into my brain and control it.  Someone calls me fat or spills coffee on me – the day is ruined. Secret Sister and Dad fight – day is destroyed.  I know I am too sensitive. I know that it should bounce off of me but it does not.   I am going to have bring this up at my therapy appointment on Friday.  It worms its way into my brain and bring out “ F—king loser”, ugly, horrible thoughts.  It has been brought up in the ED support group how we all seem to be very sensitive and it is totally true.

I will have to bring it up at my meeting tomorrow.

I am trying to write a nice Want to Do List for Summer (inspired by Sarah). Sometimes I need direction.

Well, this is short tonight because I have to get going to my sleep study, more about that tomorrow.

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One Response to So Sensitive

  1. Sarah G says:

    I'm a few days behind – welcome back from your cruise!I am excited to see your Summer "want to do" list! I love making my lists (and doing the things on them) – even if I never actually get to everything on them. 🙂

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