Monday Musings

Well, it is one day closer to the weekend. I am such a weekend wisher. Come back weekends! Come back!

Last night, I had the worst migraine or sinus headache or whatever it was, in a long long time. I went to bed at 8:30. It was the only thing I could do. I was laying down and could not get up. The room was spinning. The area underneath my eyes throbbed.

This morning, I felt a lot better. I could not get out of bed on time but I felt better.  It was slightly better then a typical Monday morning.

Today is Secret Sister’s 33rd birthday. Me and Dad took her out to dinner. It was a nice little birthday dinner for her at the Abington Ale House, where if you live on the South Shore, you have surely gotten a birthday dinner there for free at some point.

I am typing this as I watch the Bruins game. Well, I guess the Canucks realize that perhaps a cheap shot was enough to wake up the Bear. I wish I was at the Garden tonight.  Better yet, if I could just find a football and hockey loving guy. I would not think it would be so hard.

A girl can dream….

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