Weekend Excitement

Tomorrow kicks off my exciting summer. I am going to Bloggy Boot Camp, which is in Boston, this weekend and I am really excited. I hope to learn a little bit and meet a lot of cool bloggers.  It starts my whirl wind summer of SheCon, cruising, mountain hiking and Blogher. I am nervous but really more excited then I have been in a while.

I always have difficulty describing my blog. I don’t know whether I should say I am a “mental health” or a health blogger, which is really what I am, a “life” blogger because I do talk about my life here or just kind of conveniently change the subject.  If I hear about some blogging about a similar topic then I go on about my topic but I found a lot of people uncomfortable on the subject of mental health blogging. Many people think it is a touchy subject.

It also really tests my quiet ways. The really big conferences like Blogher last year, over whelmed me, but now I know and I am approaching them in a different way. I am trying to find things to do at night. I am arriving early and tweeting about it to make connections before I go. If you’re going, let me know. When it get’s closer, I’d love to meet you since you know my crazy ways Smile.

In other good news, they have set a date for I’m Blogging For Mental Health Day, May 18th. I participated last year and will do so this year. In fact, I am really excited. Can you sense the excitement in general today?


Now for a little bit of a bring down, they told Dad today that he probably should not drive. Let’s just say he did not agree. He has another 2 weeks or so in rehab and I am hoping for a change when he gets out.

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2 Responses to Weekend Excitement

  1. Angela says:

    Hope you have a great weekend Jen! It's great to "hear" you sounding so happy! Sorry to hear that your Dad may have to give up driving, I'm sure that will be difficult. I hope you make a lot of friends at the conference this weekend-I understand how difficult it can be to "put yourself out there." Just be yourself and people will love you. Have a great time!

  2. Jen, it was great meeting you at Bloggy Bootcamp! What an awesome conference. I'm so glad I went, learned a ton. Kind of overwhelming, too. I hope our paths cross at another conference, soon. Wishing your father a speedy recovery. Have a great week! Best, Ezzy : )

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