Gone to the Pears

Even though today was Monday and I was feeling sick, I woke up in a decent mood. Work was extremely busy. It was a struggle to get through the day as my head hurt worse and was happy to leave. It was one of those almost fall asleep on the T commutes until a shouting match took place on the car I was on. Can’t a girl close her eyes in peace on the T? Luckily, it did not turn into a police action. They got off at the stop before mine.

In a week, I will be on my way to Pittsburgh!

I did do a little knitting this weekend. I finished two pear wash clothes that I was working on.

Boots has a vet appointment tomorrow for his yearly check up. It will be battle to get him in the carrier and I will win that battle. If you are in Quincy and hear constant yowling coming from a car around 6 pm, it is him. He hates the car. He will yowl the entire way, which is not far at all. I am sure he is a healthy kitty.

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2 Responses to Gone to the Pears

  1. Pam@GoRetro says:

    Those are soooo cute…and very retro!

  2. Oh my goodness those are way too cute. I can only knit simple boxes. Let me know if you ever decide to sell any. I would love one! xo

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