Where do lost things go?

I was all set to go to the gym after work.  I got dressed for it, grabbed a magazine then I went to look for my license. It was not in my wallet.  The last time I remember seeing it was at the Bacon & Beer Festival.  Ugh.  So instead of working out, I was tearing my room apart. I didn’t find it.  

I went on the Registry’s website and I can not get a duplicate license online so I must get myself down to the Registry sometime tomorrow. Ugh.  I was totally side tracked.  By the time I stopped tearing the room apart, it was past 8. I was starving.  I gave up on going to the gym.  

Dinner was a quick ham and cheese omelet with broccoli on the side.  It was quick and easy. 

On top of the omelet, I put some of the Bacon Hot Sauce I bought on Saturday.  It doesn’t really taste like bacon and it’s not very hot but I like the flavor.   

I am frustrated that I lost the license.  I am in a so so mood today. The weather is gray and I just feel sort of blah.  I meet with the psychiatrist to go over my medication tomorrow. At least it is another day closer to the weekend. 

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3 Responses to Where do lost things go?

  1. Emeila says:

    Hope the appt goes well. YOur dinner looks yummy. have a great night

  2. Beth says:

    I just L – O – V – E the food photos! Inspiring! Maybe I'll have something a little healthier than Girl Scout cookies for lunch.

  3. That bottle is kind of funny. I might just have to buy one for the boy he loves stuff like that.

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