Definitely, It’s Sunday

Today was just one of those type of days. I woke up with a splitting headache and I still have it. My ears hurt a bit and I just feel stuffed. Luckily, I have my yearly physical tomorrow (ugh) so if it does not get better, I can tell my doctor.

I went food shopping today at Trader Joe’s and Hannaford’s.  I got a lot of food.  I have no excuse not to bring my lunch. I also did my laundry today.  

Boot’s let me sleep in.  I wish I could sleep in tomorrow. It is a state holiday here in Massachusetts, Patriot’s Day, tomorrow. Unfortunately, the company I work for does not acknowledge it for their employees in Massachusetts and my boss is off this week so I get to work. 

I started my day with lots of coffee, some 1% milk, 2 Van’s Berry Boost waffles with Teddie natural peanut butter and some fresh pineapple on the side.  It was pretty filling and gave me a much need boost of caffeine. 

I did manage a turkey and Havarti with dill wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a little mayonnaise after shopping.  It was OK.  

Dinner consisted of 96% ground beef, peppers, onions and cheese cooked in olive olive with Mrs. Dash’s Southwest seasoning and ketchup on the side.  I had some of Polar’s diet raspberry lime soda with dinner.It is one of my typical fast dinners. 

I had a Breyer’s Vanilla Caramel Chip bar for dessert and am microwaving water for some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea with honey.  I hope that will help me. 

I sent a photo of my Dad during his heyday to My Parents Were Awesome. Hopefully it will make it. He’s the one with the psychedelic glasses and the cigarette

In response to my headache, I think it brings my mood down.  I start to think down thoughts and well, I need to stop that. It is funny how the mind works sometimes.  When I don’t feel well physically then I tend not to feel well mentally.  

Boots has been following me around all day. He senses that I am not at my best I think. 

He loves his chipmunk.  I love how he plays with it and picks it up. 

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One Response to Definitely, It’s Sunday

  1. Sharon says:

    Hope you get some relief from that headache! Boots is so cute šŸ™‚

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