Cashmere Challenge II

A new Nordstrom’s has opened near me.  I would not have really thought about visiting it because I would have thought it was very expensive but I got a catalog in the mail and I want to go!

I love the color of this dress. I think it would look great on me.

I really really need a skirt like this one for work.  I love that it is classic yet sexy. 

I love the spring colors on this dress.  It is fun! I could not be sad in this dress.

I think Nordstrom has been added to my plan. Shopping for clothes generally gets me down but when there is gorgeous clothing in plus sizes, I like it.  

So, this morning, me and my friend went on Cashmere Challenge II.  Back in February, we went on Challenge I. The trick we learned this time was to bring bags, leave the coffee in the car and get to the warehouse early.  The warehouse opened at 8 am and we were ready.  It was easier to look through the piles in the beginning.  I left with 3 sweaters:

Yep, I got the same sweater in blue and brown. I need a cardigan to wear to work but not be heavy. They are so soft!

Then this one looked cute on me and for $10, I could not resist.

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One Response to Cashmere Challenge II

  1. Sharon says:

    I like the skirt and also the sweaters you bought. I love a bargain! 🙂

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