Tuesdays are LOST

My Tuesday nights will be taken up with my LOST obsession for the next 7 or so weeks. I am really liking the new season. I miss the old Locke though and my hatred of Jack continues. That hour from 9 -10 is mine. People know not to disturb me during this time. Then, me and Dad hash it out and discuss it after 10.

Boots has been in rare kitty form tonight. I was trying to do some exercises with the resistance band and when I was using it on my arms, he was batting it and attacking it.

Then, I decided to take a picture of my attempt at Entrelac, which I learned this weekend at The Creative Stitch in Hingham. I am knitting with Noro Silk Garden and Boots is obsessed with it. He has actively tried to get at it. He generally leaves me alone knitting now and just lays on my lap but with the Noro, he goes full tilt. He tries to snag a check whenever he has the opportunity. I push him away and there he is again. He was trying to eat it as I took this picture:

I am looking forward to the other colors in this skein. This is my first time knitting with Noro.

I have been thinking about the fashion stuff from yesterday. I really want to look better. I have been forgoing makeup since I have been wicked late lately and my clothes are not very good. I need to go shopping. I hate shopping because the stuff never quite fits right. I get frustrated easily. I also want stylish clothes. I have to do some What Not to Wear investigation.

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One Response to Tuesdays are LOST

  1. Emeila says:

    Beutiful knitting! I am with ya on the shippoing, I hate it also but I do hope you can find some great deals if you go deals;0Em:)

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