Jackhammering Day 10

All I could hear at work today was the sound of jack hammering concrete. I did manage to get out on my lunch break. I walked to Windsor Button shop and bought some Size 6 double pointed needles. It was chilly but it felt good to see the sun.

This morning, I thought I would use the free oatmeal coupon I got from Starbucks. I just wanted different oatmeal and since it was free, I said, why not. For 390 calories, you get the “Perfect Oatmeal” which comes with a dried fruit packet, a nut medley and brown sugar. It was ok but I am more of a fan of the oatmeal bar at Au Bon Pain if I am lazy and don’t microwave some water for my oatmeal. I was lazy this morning but it was free! I didn’t even buy coffee.

Today’s Log
Breakfast: 390
Perfect Oatmeal
1 Serving
Perfect Oatmeal Nut Medley
1 Serving
Perfect Oatmeal Fruit Medley
1 Serving
Perfect Oatmeal Brown Sugar
1 Serving
Lunch: 330
Healthy Choice Bacon & Smokey Cheddar
1 Each
Banana, fresh, sml, 6″ to 6 7/8″ long
1 Each
Dinner: 875
Mushrooms, fresh, med
5 Each
Peppers, bell, med, fresh
1.333 Each
Turkey, ground, 8% fat, raw
4 Ounces
Cabot Light Chedder
0.5 Cup
Mission Corm Tortillas
4 Pieces
Oil, olive, extra virgin
1 Tablespoon
2 Tablespoons
Nonni’s Tusconi
1 Each
Snacks: 345
Leclerc Dark Chocolate & Cranberry
1 Each
Oranges, all types, fresh, sections
1 Cup
Oikos Caramel Greek Yogurt
1 Serving

I really need the accountability of posting my menu so here it is again. I also went to the gym tonight and climbed the Empire State Building on the stairclimber, which burned 492 per Lose It. I don’t believe that number.

I felt ok today. I fell asleep watching the Puppy Bowl last night and got a lot of sleep.

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