7-Up, are you listening?

I have developed a new addiction, Diet Pomegranate 7-Up. Yes, I know all about the perils of soda (tonic in my world) but I love this stuff. Unfortunately, it is a limited edition.

7-Up, if you are listening, make Diet Pomegranate 7-Up a year round thing. I won’t have to buy the store out when I see it at Christmas time. Thank you.

Today was a decent day. I felt fine, confident and content. It is amazing how my mind works some time.

I brought my lunch again today. So far, my goal of bring my lunch every work day during January is sticking. I once again got into the Godiva but so didn’t other people and it is over half gone now. The box was huge, with three trays of chocolate goodness.

I tried on a winter coat that I have not worn yet this winter. It did not fit : ( After a momentary discouragement, I said, it will fit soon.

I had a snack attack today. Other than that, it was a pretty typical day. I need to start to think outside of the box. Weight Watchers Magazine had a mushroom soup recipe I want to try and Everyday Food had lots of good recipes this month.

Since I got home late today after training for the stairclimb, the sandwich and soup were easy things to make.

Today’s Log
Breakfast: 414
Van’s Waffles
2 Slices
Fruit Butter, apple
1.5 Tablespoons
Hannaford Box Of Raisins
1 Box
Lunch: 451
Fried Chicken, patty, Southern, w/o bone, ckd f/fzn
1 Each
Salad Dressing, blue cheese
1 Tablespoon
Bread, sourdough, sml slice
2 Each
Dinner: 483
Chicken, broiler/fryer, breast, w/skin, rstd
1 Each
Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran, Whole Wheat Wrap
1 Serving
Kraft 2% Delux American Cheese
2 Slices
Dressing, mayonnaise, real
0.5 Tablespoon
Progresso French Onion
1 Serving
Snacks: 588
Godiva Chocolate
4 Pieces
Oranges, all types, fresh, sections
1 Cup
Yoplait Delights Lemon
1 Serving
2 Each
Vigorous – 20 Min
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One Response to 7-Up, are you listening?

  1. I hate it when companies pull my favorite products!! Have you submitted a request to their corporate site? You never know – I know they do pay attention to what customers request.

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