Live from Quincy, MA..

The neighborhood view this morning. I could do with a white Christmas.

The weekend started with food shopping at Hannaford’s at 7:30 am. Who knew the grocery store would be packed at 7:30? It was the mad rush to get bread, beer and what ever before the snowstorm before we are stuck in the house for days. I didn’t have any food in the apartment so
really, I had not choice but to venture out.

Then, I went to visit Mom and Dad. Convenient one stop visiting at the nursing home. Hopefully, Dad will be out soon. His face seemed less droopy yesterday and he was not slurring his words like he was. We took Mom up to see him. She only wanted to be up there for three minutes. She would hug him, kiss him, and then she wanted me to walk her back down to her ward. She was probably unnerved by the change of it all and the possibility of losing Dad, her rock.

After visiting, me and my brother went across the street to
Jimmy’s Broad Street Diner. I had a good conversation with my brother and an Athenian omelet. The food was pretty good and my first true meal in days.

I had sad cranberry chicken with a baked potato. There was a cranberry mess in the oven.

This morning, after glancing out at the snow, I made cranberry hot bran cereal. I took the left over whole cranberry sauce, some cranberries and raisins and sat down with a bunch of coffee.

The day called for Campbell’s Select Italian Wedding soup with a ham and cheese sandwich. The bread was stale, so I pretty much left most of the whole wheat bread.

A tenant gave me a basket with champagne (a good kind I saw in the store yesterday) and chocolate. I had a serving of the chocolate today.

I will have to have the champagne soon.

I put some decorations around the house. This snowman, Mom
made in ceramics class when I was a kid.

Mom got this from Lennox in her order everything phase. Dad gave it to me so it would be used.

Boots had the right idea. It was that kind of day. He did not look pleased at my picture taking.

Finally, I had whole wheat pasta, ground beef, broth, garlic, spinach with some cheese for dinner. I ate too much of it.

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