New Color, New Outlook

It has been a busy couple of days for me.

First, I changed my hair color a bit. It certainly makes the green in my kaleidoscope eyes pop! People have to do a double take to make sure it is me.

My face sure is freckly. Hopefully, my dermatologist won’t yell at me when I see her on Tuesday. I have seen some sun this summer. There are some suspicious bumps on my upper chest that I have to mention to her.

Back to the color, I like it. Very close to the color I had growing up.

I had birthday parties this week. Then, there was trying to find pants to give to my Mom for her birthday, Tuesday.

Since the weather has turned, I have rediscovered why I buy Celestial Seasonings Christmas teas when I see them. I have one every night in the fall or winter.

With a little bit of honey, it is great.

Another great addicting find of mine is:

I could eat one every day.

My mood has been ok. I did not see R this week, which disappointed me. He worked 4 doubles this week.

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One Response to New Color, New Outlook

  1. GoRetroGirl says:

    It looks great. Did you get it cut, too? And congrats on the positive attitude.

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