Smile! You are Beautiful!

So today, I worked from home, though not really from home since my work laptop won’t connect to my work’s VPN network. So, I did some work at Panera Bread, then the Thomas Crane Library in Quincy then Barnes & Noble.

I put my first Operation Beautiful Smile! signs up in two places. I was so excited.

Here is one in the 3rd floor ladies room at the Thomas Crane Library. The lighting was terrible in the bathroom.

In the Beauty section at the Barnes & Noble in Braintree. I was trying not to be obvious taking the picture.

I have my Post-Its in my purse. Look out Boston, who knows where I shall post again!

Since I also got paid today, tonight was my food shopping night. I only have one can of pumpkin left and since I am back on my oatmeal kick, I thought I should get more. I love pumpkin in oatmeal. Well, I looked on the bottom shelf, where the pumpkin should be and there was a “We are working on getting it” sign. All of the pumpkin was sold out.

I also did Level 1 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred on Exercise TV. I am so out of shape!

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