The Mazzola’s

Mom is Italian. She was the only person I knew, who on St. Patrick’s Day, refused to be Irish for the day.

Since Mom is considered the ugly step-child (refuse to downgrade us redheads) of her family, I decided to see if there were other family members outside of her immediate asshole filled family.
I posted a while ago on a message board for the area of Italy, Frosinone, where her family immigrated from over 60 years ago.

A cousin of Mom’s answered my post. It made my day! To know that I have other relatives out there, makes me happy. Dad is an only child and outside of his dead step-brother’s children, he does not have any outside relatives.

We are not alone in a see of other families with lots of relatives. I will keep the blog up to date.

I went for a walk to Wollaston Beach tonight. It was high tide for once. Unfortunately, I was only able to take one picture as the batteries wore out. Carried the camera for an hour and half walk to get one picture! Next time.

The view from the sidewalk along the beach, which is a couple of miles long.

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