Busy Saturday

So I went and weighed in the morning and I lost 7.2 pounds (granted it had been two weeks since I last weighed in) but I was pumped! That is a lot of weight. I think I finally have the mojo I need to go the whole distance and not fall behind like the other times.

Boots was probably scarred for a while due to my cleaning today. When I vacuumed the rugs, he ran under the bed and did not emerge for hours. I also had my clean on with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and Method products. I swept, vacuumed, scrubbed and finally have a half way clean bottom half of the apartment (except the bedroom, that will be done next weekend). The apartment smells of Lemon and Verbena and Method Hardwood Floor Cleaner. I was sweating up a storm so it was also a workout.

This morning I had pumpkin oatmeal, which was great, with a big cup of coffee.  Lunch was half of the small Garlic and Peppercorn pork loin that I had last night with broccoli along with a Nonni’s Toscani cookie for dessert.  Dinner will probably be a chicken thigh backed with baked fries and salad.

I finally finished a knitting project. I made a little coin purse for  myself.  The purse looked better on the wrong side so I put the wrong side out. I used some left over fabric for the inside.

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